About Custom Air Fresheners

Our team has been involved in the promotional product industry for over a combined total of 61 years.

In this time we have learned what separates us from our competition is that we actually care about you, our customer.

You can buy a similar product from 1000s of places all over the internet, here are some reasons we think you should choose us:

  • We are experts when it comes to air fresheners.
  • We try to approach everything as open and as easy as possible.
  • We have a low-pressure approach to sales. You can always get a free quote and shop around. You should, but please make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Read more about what makes our air fresheners so nice.
  • We do not believe in hidden fees or nickel and diming you with options. Our pricing is simple and transparent.
  • All of our pricing includes free shipping to one address in the USA.
  • Our products are the highest quality we have found.
  • We do not cut corners on any aspect of our product to save money.
  • We believe that people want a high-quality item and are willing to pay a slight premium to get it.
  • We are real people, living in the US.
  • You can talk to us via email, live chat, or the telephone.
  • We offer more options for scents, strings, and packaging than anyone else.
  • If we make a mistake we will fix it. Read our guarantee.
  • We plant a tree anytime someone makes an order or re-order.