Common Questions about our Air Fresheners

The more of each design that you purchase, the cheaper each piece becomes. Visit our pricing page to see our price charts and discounts on bulk orders.

We talk all major credit cards (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover) as well as checks and wire transfers. We even take Venmo. Checks can add an extra week to your order due to the shipping time of sending your check and waiting for the payment to clear. If you are in a hurry, please use a credit card.

Custom Air has a long history of working with clients across the globe. We’re here to answer all of your questions M-F 9am to 6pm CST and you will always receive a timely answer to any of your emails, requests, questions, etc. We pride ourselves on having top notch, friendly and polite customer care staff that always has your best interest in mind. We even have a fully staffed design team with over 20 years under their belts. They are ready to take your design and turn it into an air freshener that you will love and enjoy giving away or selling! Read more about us here.

Once your order is paid for and your artwork is approved, your order will enter our production phase. The Production phase can last from 10-14 business days during our normal season and 16 to 18 days during peak season. Please allow for extra time if you have an event, as rush orders are difficult to process successfully and too many factors are out of our hands like bad weather which can cause shipping delays, planes needed repair, trains de-railing, and even volcanoes. In our our 61 combined years, we have seen & heard every excuse from the shipping companies. Please plan accordingly.

We will fix it if it is our fault, and help take care of it if it is your fault. Read our guarantee here.

We can make nearly any shape. There is one limit… your imagination. Just kidding. If the machines that we use cannot make your shape, our experienced staff will help come up with a solution. Please visit our shapes page or our photo gallery for some ideas.

Oh boy, get your nose ready! We offer over 40 scents for you to choose from and have a large scent library we have access to if you seek something special. See our scent options here, or order some samples. We charge for the samples but credit you back when you order.

Yes you can! We offer one free scent per 250 air fresheners. Meaning if you order 1000 air fresheners, you can choose 4 scents for your order. If you would like any additional scents, it is $20 per each additional scent. If you want 4 scents on a 100 piece order it would be 1 included + 3 extra scents (3x$20=$60 extra). 4 Scents on a 500 piece order would be 2 included, and 2 extra scents (2x$20=$40 extra).

One other note about extra scents; orders that include more than 4 scents may take a few extra days to produce because of the extra labor and setup required.

All pricing that is provided to you is all inclusive pricing. That includes a free artwork proof of your provided design, choice of string color(s), choice of scent(s), die charges, printing charges, production fees and even priority level shipping directly to your door. We believe in, ‘what you see is what you get’ pricing.

We can send you scent samples so you can choose the perfect scent prior to your order. The cost of the samples is credited back to you when you place your order. That means the samples are free. Please order your samples using our samples page.

No, but what we can do is provide you with an unscented air freshener and open packaging so that you can scent your air fresheners with your desired scent and seal the packages on your own. It’s a great alternative if you’re looking to use up those essential oils or a perfume that you love! It requires an impulse sealer which is available at your favorite online superstore for about $20.

Each air freshener is individually packaged in a thick polybag material and is sealed on all 4 sides, with an easy tear tab for when you’re ready to open your new air freshener and install it. We also offer 2 other packaging options. Read about our packaging options by clicking here.

Some of the things that change how long an air freshener scent lingers are the size of the air freshener, the humidity levels, wind or air flow, sunlight and temperature. Initially, the scents will be quite strong but will dissipate over several days and weeks, you will also get used to the smell so it may seem like it fades. We like to say that they last up to 2 weeks.

We always suggest cutting a small hole in the exterior bag of the air freshener or even a small slit in it and let the scents escape slowly. This can help the scent last up to 4 weeks.

An unopened air freshener will retain the scent up to 2 years if properly stored (not in the heat or sunlight).

Just about anything you want. Anything from a business logo, photo, to your own artwork. Our design team will help ensure your Truly, the sky’s the limit. Read about our art guidelines here, or take a look at our photo gallery.

We are sorry but you cannot. We recommend going to where you can order a single air freshener in a stock shape.

Yes we do! Shipping to Canada is free. However, we do not cover any taxes or duties imposed on you by the Canadian Government.