What Makes Our Air Fresheners Special?

We set out to make the highest quality air fresheners on the market and we believe we have succeeded.

  • We start with a high-quality paper, print using 4 color printing presses, and then glue these to a thick cotton paper core (nearly 2mm thick). This allows for a smooth paper finish with very high-quality prints where even photos print clearly. Our competitors often print directly on this core paper, leaving dull or fuzzy printed images.
  • After the printing we create a custom die shape and cut your air fresheners out using a die cutting press. These leaves smooth cuts and uniform shape. Our competitors generally offer stock shapes, or extremely high setup or die fees.
  • From here we attach an elastic string. We offer 17 different string color choices, more than any of our competitors.
  • Next, we use a special process to scent the air fresheners. They hold a lot of scent because of the thick cotton paper core. We also offer over 70 Scents for you to choose from.
  • After this, we package them in a “3 side seal bag”. This bag is clear on the front and back, with factory seals on 3 of the sides and hand sealed on the top. We use this bag because there are no seams to block your design, and the thickness helps protect the air freshener and retain the scent for up to 2 years while sealed. We also add an “easy tear” tab on the bags to make them easy to open. Our competitors usually use a rear seam bag made of a thinner material. These can rip open at the seam, and not seal as tight.

All of the above adds up to make a high-quality finished product that you can sell or give away. We may not be the cheapest, but we feel we put out the best custom air fresheners on the market today. Please order some samples and see if you agree.