Air Freshener Scent Options

We offer a scent for every occasion or idea. Below you will find our list of in stock samples & scents. We recommend ordering some scent samples before committing to your full order. It may add about a week to the process, but it lets you smell exactly what you are going to get, prior to ordering and we apply a credit for any of the costs, making the samples free. Order samples here.

You can combine more than one scent per order. You get one free scent choice per 250 air fresheners that you order. You can add more scents for an additional charge. Read our FAQs here.

The list below is sortable by some groups such as popular, fruit scented, etc. Click on the links below to sort the entire list.

Very sweet, almond bakery treat with a hint of vanilla.

A fresh almond with just a hint of juicy, ripe cherries.

Swells like a fresh apple.

A light, clean powdery scent that leans more floral than traditional baby powder.

Extra sweet banana scent, more like banana candy than ripe banana.

This masculine fragrance has just a hint of sweetness to produce a refreshing scent.

Citrusy & accurate bergamot smell.

A masculine cologne scent. Our most popular scent by a wide margin.

Blueberry candy smell. Very sweet.

Hints of leather, caramel, cherry and apples. Like the popular beverage.

Smells like walking into a bakery.

Hints of mixed flowers and womens perfume with. clean powdery notes. Like a luxurious at bubble at a five star hotel.

Sweet, recognizable bubble gum scent from your childhood.

Sweet and smells just like the little yellow butterscotch candies.

Extra sweet fruity candy scent.

Fresh, sweet, mild, fruity melon scent.

A clean, woodsy scent reminiscent of autumn. Similar to our pine, but preferred by our staff.

Very sweet cherry candy scent.

A bittersweet chocolate fragrance with a hint of coffee.

Like a freshly cut pine tree, or walking into a christmas tree lot.

A sweet cinnamon scent smell, like cinnamon mixed with sugar.

Like a Red Hot candy or cinnamon bear.

A pleasant mix of citrus, lots of orange with hints of lemon and lime.

The scent of clean laundry, fresh-smelling detergent or fabric softener.

Just like clove oil or dried cloves.

Sweet coconut scent, more like pina colada than suntan oil.

A sweet, mild coffee scent.

We think it smells just like the gummy cola candies.

A light, mildy sweet and fruity scent reminiscent of freshly cut cucumber.

Light, clean melon scent with a splash of mintiness.

A clean & accurate eucalyptus scent.

A playful perfume fragrance that is both flirty and fun.

A mix of floral scents like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. No individual flower stands out but they blend together nicely.

A clean, fresh scent with hints of menthol, citrus, and pine.

A blend of fruit smells. Sweet and fruity.

Sweet, slightly citrus ginger scent. Some staff members think it smells like Murphy’s Soap.

Very sweet grape candy scent

That refreshing scent of freshly cut grass on a lovely spring day.

Clean, sweet green apple candy scent

Sweet, light scent of green tea with honey

Musky, sweet incense scent with a hint of citrus

A surprisingly fresh and clean sort of melon like scent.

Pleasantly sweet and floral, clean jasmine scent.

Clean, floral scent of lavender soap reminiscent of a spa.

Masculine, powdery scent reminiscent of grandpa. We have a customer that says it smells like an old lady? Not sure what to think of that. We tend to say it smells like root-beer & highly recommend ordering a sample prior to choosing this as a scent.

True sweet scent of freshly cut lemons

A fresh, citrus scent with a hint of earthiness.

Strong, sweet citrus scent with heavy lime.

Very sweet, tropical, fruity mango scent

This woodsy, masculine scent has just a touch of floral added.

Strong, masculine, cooling, minty fragrance.

Just like mint chocolate chip ice cream or a Grasshopper Candy.

A sweet berry smell that is a blend of different types of berries.

A clean, fresh, powdery fragrance with a hint of citrus.

A pleasant, fresh and clean fragrance with a hint of floral.

A sweetly citrus, fresh and pleasant orange scent

Modern perfume scent with a refreshing mix of citrus fruits and jasmine.

Sweet, earthy fragrance with a hint of incense.

A sweet, fruity peach candy scent.

Sweet and minty, like a candy cane or cup of peppermint tea.

Sweet and clean, feminine scent reminiscent of floral soap.

Just like the famous cocktail. A blend of pineapple and coconut.

True scent of traditional pine.

Sweet, fruity, tropical pineapple fragrance.

A sweet citrus scent that is a mix of lemon and strawberry. Similar to lemon scent but with more sweetness.

Pleasantly sweet and floral scent with a hint of fresh laundry.

Fresh and clean, airy and sweet, pleasant and slightly floral.

Sophisticated fragrance for a modern man with notes of pepper, bergamot, cedarwood, and sage.

Sweet, floral rosewater scent.

A masculine floral scent of true rosemary.

Fresh and woodsy, slightly sweet and spicy, with a hint of floral.

Apple mixed with cinnamon and spices. Like a cup of hot apple cider, or a warm apple pie.

Sweet and fruity strawberry candy smell.

Very sweet, lightly floral, clean and relaxing fragrance.

Scent your own! Or use as an unscented hanging decoration. We can even send you bags, all you need is an impulse sealer.

Sweet, vanilla ice cream scent.

Sweet fruity scent of watermelon candy.

A light and citrus scent that is very fresh smelling yet sweet and floral.

A sweet, spicy, floral smell.

Custom Scent Options

Your Own Scent

Already have your own fragrance and want to scent our air fresheners on your own?

We offer unscented which you can scent yourself. We can even include bags for sealing your air fresheners at home. All you need is your own scent or fragrance, and an impulse sealer which is available at your favorite online superstore for about $20. Just let us know that you would like the unscented fresheners unsealed, and with the bags included.

Scents Not Shown

We have access to over 700 different scents and will work with you to find that perfect scent for your project. This adds a few weeks to the normal process as well as up to $150 in added costs, so please plan ahead. Contact us and let us know what scent you are looking for.